"SAY GRACE gives us tools and truths straight from the Gospel to help us walk lighter and get off the "treadmill of performance" that we so often live on. This book reminds us of the freedom we have through Jesus Christ. Jeff is honest and convicting, helping us understand that personally micromanaging our sin gets us nowhere. However, living fully redeemed and free in Christ gets us everywhere!"

CANDACE CAMERON BURE - "Full House", "The View"



"Jeff Taylor has been a partner of ours in ministry for many years. His transparency and vulnerability have made him a special kind of radio personality who connects with people in a way that has little to do with entertainment and everything to do with ministry. SAY GRACE is a book that speaks to the brokenness in all of us. And it celebrates God's amazing grace - grace that forgives and transforms lives! This book will rock your world because that's what the Gospel does. Take the journey, mates!"

JOEL and LUKE - For King & Country



“I've known Jeff Taylor for years now, and have often been encouraged by his words on God's overwhelming and relentless grace and forgiveness.  In SAY GRACE, Jeff takes this message to a whole new level and holds nothing back. His writing is raw, transparent and honest. It is a timely and powerful reminder of how intensely radical Gods love is for us. Even when life gets messy and we're at our very worst, Gods grace covers all!”

JOSH HAVENS - The Afters



"Like a cup of cool water on a hot day, SAY GRACE offers the refreshment of the Gospel to weary souls"  

REV. PAT THURMER - Living Faith Church, Cape Coral, FL

Say Grace will most likely raise some initial objections from Christian readers. We are used to settling for a three-point sermon about how we can be more successful at managing our sin, and appearing reasonably holy. Jeff Taylor makes us reexamine how amazing ‘amazing grace’ is. Jesus died for SINNERS. This deeply offends our inner Pharisee. But our inner Prodigal sees God running toward us, arms open with love. Read this book!”


 Grammy Award-Winning Songwriter -

“Butterfly Kisses”, "Why'd Ya Come In Here Lookin' Like That?"

 Sweet Comfort Band, Allies, Identical Strangers

“Everything is broken. Jeff knows this. From his own life and struggles he is a man who knows the reality of brokenness through the things he does and the things that have been done to him. And yet, brokenness is not the last word of his, or anyone’s story. Grace is. Grace that transforms our brokenness into something beautiful because of Jesus.  Jeff lives this out in his own life as a flawed but loved child of God and friend of Jesus, and now, as an author for the rest of us to learn to trust and follow Jesus whose grace only flows downhill. Read this book, enjoy it, but more importantly, follow Jeff’s lead through it in making much of Jesus, not yourself.”

CHRIS GENSHEER, Lead Pastor, Christ Church, Mansfield, TX (PCA)


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